Thursday, May 27, 2010

NEW Purses!!

Email: or call Bree at 801-380-6214

NEW Fleur-De-Lis Collection~
~Cream Fleur-de-Lis Purse

Size: 13w x 9.5h x 5d in.

$15.50~ Fluer-de-Lis Flat Wallet
$38.50~ Grey Fleur-de-Lis Purse

Size: 13w x 9.5h x 5d in.

$39.50~ Pink/Brown Fleur-de-Lis Purse
Size: 12w x14h in.

Our Newest Purses:

$28.50~ Pink, Black, or Grey Bow Purse

Size: 13w x 11h in.

$39.50~ Red Flower Purse

Size: 14L x 10h x 4w in.

$38.50~ Pink or Blue Zipper Ruffle Purse

Size: 15w x 12h in.

$38.50~ Red Big Bow Purse

Size: 17w x 9h in.

$40.50~ Black/HotPink Ruffle Purse

Size 12w x 10h in.

$39.50~ Red or Pink Zipper Flower/Snake Skin Purse

Size: 16w x 12h in.

$39.50~ Black or Pewter Crocodile Zipper Flower Purse

Size: 15h x 16w in.

$32.50~ Blue/Silver Leather Purse
Size: 16w x 12h in.

$39.50~ Black/White Flowered Purse

Size: 14w x 12h in.

$36.50~ White Leather Purse

Size: 18w x 13h in.

$36.50~ Blue Toggle Purse

Size: 14.2w x 11h x 5d in.

NEW Wallets:

$13.50~ Multi-dot Wallet

$13.50~ Cream Disc Wallet

$13.50~ Brown Polka dot Wallet

GREAT Prices:

$28.50~ Pewter Flower Bag

Size: 12w x 12h

$24.50~ Multi-dot Bag

Size: 18w x 10h in.

$20.50~ Fuschia Tote (Great for Picnics!)
Size: 18w x 11h x 9d in.

Animal Print Products:

$38.50~ White Animal Print Bag
Size: 19w x 16h in.

$38.50~ Black/Red Zebra Pring Bag
Size: 18w x 14h in.

$10.50~ Giraffe Flat Wallet

$20.50~ Turqouise Giraffe Print Purse
Size: 9w x 9h in.

$20.50~ Yellow Zebra Print Purse
Size: 11w x 11h in.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Purse~Nality Purse Party!

Welcome to the Crowned Purse~N~ality Blog!

Our first purse party is going to be on Monday, May 24th

This will be an open house from 3-6 p.m.

Here are some of the purses and wallets that will be at this party:
$39.95 ~ Yellow Flower Purse

$38.95 ~Fuschia Flower Purse

$39.95~ Fleur-de-Lis Purse $15.95~ Fleur-de-Lis Flat Wallet

$40.95~Black/White Swirl Purse

$13.99~Silver Disc Wallet

$39.95~ Black Leather Flower Purse

$39.95~ Grey w/Black Flowers Purse


$39.95~ White w/Multi-Color Flowers Purse


~SALE~ $18.95~ Animal Print Red Purse

Cute for Girls! $10.95~ Pink Flower Purse


If you want to have your own purse party please email us at
For hosting a party you will receive a flat wallet of your choice!
(Must be a quality party @ $200)

Thanks for checking out our blog!